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Hi, I am Shahed Parvej.

An SEO Expert today but my journey wasn’t so easy. It was a hard journey for me to start from scratch. I have no clue ” What SEO is? “. I start from there and now I think I know 1% of SEO & Digital Marketing.

People give the example of successful freelancers but they never mention the journey of a successful freelancer.

Here I am going to share my journey in a short brief. How I became a freelancer? and the main question from where I learn Freelancing?


When do you start freelancing?

I heard the word ” Freelancing ” first in 2015. When I came to Dhaka after completed SSC and got admitted to Dhaka Polytechnic Institute. There I first experienced the taste of Wifi lol. After a few months of using wifi, my friend suddenly told me that he earned money from mobile. I asked how He said that it was a long process and I can’t do that.
It gave me a spark, So I start googling ” How to earn money?”. There I found someone was talking about freelancing.
But the fun fact is I had no interest in freelancing then I just fell in love with PPC ( Paid Per Click ) website like Traffic Monsoon, Five Revenue Share, Dollar Clix, SuperPay. After 6 months I heard about SEO. Then I start learning SEO from Disc of Outsourcing Institute of Chattogram.

Do you learn SEO from any Training Centre?

No, I didn’t attend any SEO Training Centre.

Do you suggest any training centre in Bangladesh for SEO?

Basically, I didn’t attend any training center, So I don’t know much about them. But I will ” Highly Recommend ” Nasiruddin Shamim brother’s membership course NShamimpro, Authority Aid for Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

Where do I found “Free SEO Course”?

You can find paid Udemy courses free on several coupons websites. You can follow Backlinko, Robbie Richards, Search Engine Journal. To learn SEO in Bengali you can follow Nshamim.com, Prajuktigeek.

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