9 Different Types Of Blogs: Which One Is Yours?


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You started reading this post, So you want to know about different types of blogs. You want to start a blog but confused about which category you should choose. I know it’s difficult to choose but don’t worry I will help you.

If you are wondering to know that there are various types of blogs exist on the internet. They have many differences with each other in many ways. Most of the people think all blogs are the same there is no difference. But that’s not true, I will explain to you about 9 different kinds of blogs with the example here.

What Is A Blog?

Before starting, Let’s discuss blogs. What is blogs?— I think you have heard this question. Let me answer it. A blog is a place where people can express any kind of information they want to publish. In short, It’s a platform where you can share your true and own point of view feelings on any kind of subjects.

Interesting Facts: Blog is a short from of a word ” weblog

1. Personal Blogs

What is a personal blog? If you ask me this question, I will tell you that the answer is already in your question. When people used the blog platform to published their personal inner thoughts, advantage, disadvantage, Pros & Cons on some types of positive and negative issues. When they used a blog for expressing their personal feelings & their intent is not to earn revenue from it then it called personal blogs.

Usually, a blogger has to maintain some rules for managing a blog. But this thing doesn’t work in personal blogs. A blogger has full freedom to share his opinion about what he wanted to share. Nowadays people start blogging for revenue but previously people used to blog to share their experience with others.

When blogging first introduced in the era of the ’90s, People used to made personal blogs with static HTML pages. So, it is called personal blog is the oldest blogging category ever exist on the internet. Nowadays people love to make blogs with WordPress, Blogspot, Weebly, Wix, and many other CMS. I prefer WordPress most because it is easy to use so much userfriendly.

Example Of A Personal Blog

Everywhereist Blog

2. Niche Blogs

When Bloggers makes a blog on a specific topic like fishing, sports, finance and more. Niche blogs are one of the most common and most used blog categories of blog Industry. As of my personal research, 50% of all blogs are based on any niches. This types of blogs published content on a specific topic only.

Let me explain to you deeply. On the internet, you can see many blogs based on foods and fishing. You can notice that the food blog published content on food topic and it’s subtopic. They never published a post on fishing, Right? And it is vice versa for fishing blogs. These are called ideal niche blogs.

I am going to explain some most used niche.

# Fashion Blogs

These types of blogs are mainly focused on publishers fashion sense. They used to share their points of view about what they like, dislikes and what they recommend others. People love to follow fashion blogs for trending items. Fashion Blog is so high demanding with massive traffic. If you want to start a blog on this topic please be specific and unique. Because it has tough competition worldwide.

Example Of A Fashion Blog

Whowhatwear Fashion Blog


# Food Blogs

Food blogs mainly focused on various food reviews & recipes. If you google something about foods you will definitely see some search result alongside Wikipedia. These are mainly food-related blog. Authors write what he feels about that food like an advantage, disadvantage, price combination. They also compare foods between the same price and quality and declared the best one to its reader. Food bloggers share recipes, diets chart, nutrition chart.

Example Of A Food Blog


the recipe critic

# Travel Blogs

The invention of the airplane made traveling so much easier, cheaper in price and less time-consuming. So people nowadays love to travells. Travel blogs are spotlighted on content about some amazing travel spots. Travel blogger used to travel the spot and then he writes a review about that place, foods and cost of traveling. This kind of blog helps a tourist a lot and got a short brief about that place before going there.

Travel Blog Example

Travel Blog Example

STA Travel Blog

3. Micro Blog

Do you know about twitter? I think you have. But do you know twitter is a category of a blog? Yes, Twitter is a microblogging site. It is mainly known as a social media platform. In Microblog people have the opportunity to share some short message, image, and shorts video.

You can have friends or follower here, can communicate them easily and share your feelings it likes a community. You can easily contribute there, can easily sign up and start to post. The most famous microblog is Twitter & Reddit. A lot of people use them but don’t know they are some sort of blog.

Micro Blog Example


4. Business Blog

Business Blogs are made for boosting business or service. Publishers write content about their service. People can explore more about business/service on business blogs. Blogs generate so much traffic and then that converts in sales. Now it is essential to have a blog like this for every sort of business website.

If you see SEMRUSH or Ahrefs blog, you will get the best idea. They are the top SEO Tools seller in the world. On their blog, they discuss their tools pros and cons and tutorials. So users can easily find out how to use these tools and what’s important it has. That makes a positive sign towards blog reader and they really convinced to buy their service.


Best business Blog Example

Ahrefs Blog

5. Lifestyle Blog

What is a lifestyle blog? The answer is so easy. People who used to write things about his/her daily lifestyle or personal life on a regular basis then it’s a lifestyle blog. If you have seen any vlog by someone on youtube then you will easily understand this. On youtube, they post their daily life things on a video so that’s called vlogging. But if someone writes that thing and post on his website that’s called blogging.

A lifestyle blog is so popular nowadays because of it easy to produce content. You don’t have to research anything when you are writing about yourself. As of me, it’s kinda personal blog.

Best Lifestyle Blog

Best Lifestyle Blogger Blog- camille styles

Camille Styles

6. Affiliates Blog

Where publishers published some sort of sponsored or unbiased review of products and earn some commission when someone buys products from their affiliate links. In affiliates blog, there is not only buying article published but also published some unique info article too. The ratio of info & buying article should be 70:30.

There are several companies who have affiliation service Amazon is the favorite one. People usually review amazon products and paste the affiliation links. If visitors read his review and buy that product from amazon the publisher earned 1-10% commission per product price.

Wirecutter is the perfect example of an affiliate blog. As of 2019, this website gets 7 Million monthly traffic from the US. They are now under NewYork Times. They published reviews for products from the whole world.

Affiliates Site Example

Wirecutter Affiliate sites example


7. Guest Post Blog

In regular blogs, There is some fixed author who writes content and publishes it. But in Reverse Blog website owners ask guests to write content. This is why guests blog is different from other blogs. In SEO guest post plays a vital role in off-page SEO. People love to guest post and get do-follow backlinks from the authority website. SEO Experts love a guest post blog.

Webmasters have the right to edits and change anything on content that provides guest. A Guest blog has a standard ratio of guest post and it’s main author post. the ratio is usually 70:30.

Best Guest Post Blog Example

Best Guest Post Blog Example


8. Professional Blog

Professional Blog is kinda personal blog. If any blogger tries to earn money from his blogs it becomes a professional weblog. Publishers mainly build this kind of weblog with a goal of earning revenue from it. There hardly be seen who doesn’t want to monetize his/her website.

Publishers mainly monetize their site with Google AdSense or some kind of advertisement publishers site. If you want an example of a professional blog then my website can be a good example of this. This blog is a professional blog-site.

9. Media Blogs

It’s an amazing blog category. Because you can do here whatever you are expert for. If you are a photographer then you can organize a blog with a photo gallery of yourself. If you are a vlogger or gamer you can easily add your vlog or game streaming video on your media blogs.

This blog is going popular day by day. The young generation loves these weblogs so much.

Example of Media Blogs

Example of media blogs

Post Secret


I create this content for those people who are struggling to find the best category for him. Because someday I was in their place. I was so confused what should I do? I decided that it will be a native language blog of mine. Then I try to expand my career from marketplace to own website. Then I made this site and again confused. Let me answer some basic question on this topic.


1. Which Blog Category I should choose?

It really depends on you. Before selecting any category to try research about that and think do you have the capability to produce content on that topic. If you are capable then just jump in.

2. Which Language I should choose for blogging?

It always easy to write on your mother-tongue. But if you want to target a higher audience and had enough knowledge in English then you should go with the English language.

3. Which CMS I should use for my own blog?

My personal favorite is WordPress. Because it is easy to manage and customizable.

4. Which WordPress Theme I should use? ( Paid or Free )

I personally prefer Paid theme. But the free themes are also good. I would recommend ASTRA, Genesis, Generatepress themes.


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